SDMB's 2010 ModelZona

Award Winners List


Note: OOTB = out of the box


 SDMB members won 38 awards - Congratulations to all!


Clara Triem -     ModelZona BEST OF SHOW  - Calvarymen on foot

                                             ModelZona BEST FIGURE  - Marshall Poniatowski

                                             ModelZona BEST DIORAMA- Calvarymen on foot

                                            Gold medal (1st): Dismounted figures - "Ruler of the World" 54mm

                         Silver medal (2nd): Mounted figures - "King Arthur" 54mm



                         Gold medal (1st): Biplanes - Morane Saulnier

                         Silver medal (2nd): Biplanes - Lloyd CV

                         Bronze medal (3rd): Biplanes - Pfalz DIIIa

                         Best OOTB: Biplanes - Lloyd CV   

                                           Gold medal (1st): Small scale softskin - M3A1 Scout car

                         Silver medal (2nd): Small scale softskin - Armored rail car DT 45

                         Bronze medal (3rd): Small scale softskin - Balt armored car

                                            Gold medal (1st): Small scale tanks- Churchill Mk III

                         Best OOTB: Small scale tanks - Churchill Mk III

                         Gold medal (1st): Busts - Marshal Poniatowski

                                            Gold medal (1st): Dioramas (aircraft) - "A good landing"
Gold medal (1st): Dioramas (figures) - Calvarymen on foot

Simon Herbert - ModelZona BEST MILITARY VEHICLE: (C11ADF)

                         ModelZona BEST AIRCRAFT: (Ju-52)

                         Gold medal (1st): Military Conversions - C11ADF 1941 Station wagon

                         Gold Medal (1st): Multi engine prop 1/33 to 1/50 - 1/48 Junkers Ju-52

David K. -           ModelZona BEST JUNIOR ENTRY: amt Digger 'Cuda

                         Junior FIRST PLACE TROPHY ('Cuda)

                         Best OOTB: Junior vehicle ('Cuda)

Dave the Weatherman -

                         ModelZona BEST SPACE AND SCIENCE FICTION

                         Gold medal (1st): Sci-Fi & Fantasy - Nitto Ma.K. "Prowler" 1/20

                         Gold medal (1st): Military Vehicles AFVs 1945 and earlier -                           Zvezda T-34/76 hex turret

                         Silver medal (2nd): Sci-FI & Fantasy - Lindberg 1/32 '52 Chevy                                          "Escape from Phoenix"

                         Bronze medal (3rd): Large scale aircraft - Hasegawa 1/32 FW190 D-9


Mike Bilcik -       Gold medal (1st): Hypothetical - 1/72 Supermarine Spiteful

                         Silver medal (2nd): Small jets - 1/72 MiG-21 UM 

Bob "any scale: Duke -

                          Gold medal (1st): Medium jet - 1/72 Italeri XB-70

Steve Barlow-     Gold medal (1st): Submarines- 1/700 Hobby Boss Typhoon

  (Red Steve)       Silver medal (2nd): Hypothetical - 1/72 F-102A Delta Dagger

                          Silver medal (2nd): Small scale aircraft - 1/360 Academy Tu-144

                          Best OOTB: Hypothetical (F-102A)

                          Best OOTB: Small scale jet - 1/72 KP Yak-23

                          Best OOTB: Multi engine prop - 1/72 Bilek Pe-2

2010 ModelZona pictures

(These pictures are not yet in any order)


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