New Years Day 2011 Make-N-Take

at Pima Air and Space Museum 


 After our extremely popular first Make-N-Take in December 2010, we again partnered with Pima Air and Space Museum and held a second Make-N-Take to welcome the New Year! We had a huge turnout with several repeat children (and adults) showing up!  A great time was had by all and we are already looking forward to next month's Make-N-Take on February 5th!

This month's plane kit was the A-10 Warthog generously provided by IPMS Craig Hewett. Thanks again to IPMS Craig Hewitt chapter in Phoenix, AZ for donating the kits.  Their support of SDMB is invaluable since our club is only a year old and small, so we really appreciate their help! IPMS Craig Hewett chapter is fantastic!


SDMB President, Chuck Wacker takes on my challenge and builds a Spitfire in just a little over 5 minutes! This will be used in SDMB's library display in May! Good job, Chuck!

(above) SDMB's Vice President, Todd, had a great time!

Repeat customer from December!

Future Pilot

Did you know many pilots, astronauts, engineers and artists credit model building for getting them started in their careers? Reach for the stars kids!

Bye for now!

Happy New Years! 

Building models is a great way for kids and adults to share time together, learn together and just have fun!

Sometimes it was hard to tell who was

having the most fun!

Building models gives a sense of accomplishment. It teaches a young mind to start and finish a project! Later in life that same healthy feeling of accomplishment will follow them as they complete other projects...and it all started with model building!

Pima Air and Space docents tallying up the crowd. As always a great turnout!

Remember him in December? He's hooked!

Now is that a sense of accomplishment

on his face or what! Simply Awesome.

Our future engineers smiling after their hard work!

We hope you enjoyed yourselves (we know you did!) SEE YOU IN FEBRUARY!

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