SDMB's 2013 ModelZona

Award Winners List
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'Red "blurry at times" Steve'

2013 ModelZona Pictures

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SDMB members won 18 awards - Congratulations to all!


Note: OOTB = out of the box

(Please Note: pictures will be added as they become available)


Clara Triem

Gold (1st) – 100B Small Scale Biplanes- 1/72 Felixstowe Flying Boat
Silver (2nd) – 100B Small Scale Biplanes- 1/72 Alabatros W4 Floatplane
Gold (1st) – 100A Large Scale Biplanes- 1/32 Nieuport 16
Silver (2nd) – 100A Large Scale Biplanes- 1/32 Junkers J1
Silver (2nd) – 220 Halftracks and Soft Skinned Military- 1/35 Rolls Royce Armoured Car
Gold (1st) – 700 Aircraft Dioramas- 1/48 Roland CII Refueling Diorama
Gold (1st) – 730 Miscellaneous Dioramas- 1/35 Polish Resistance Diorama

Dongwook Lee

Gold (1st) – 720 Dioramas- Figure dioramas & vignettes (all entries): "Grenadiers"

Bronze (3rd) – 710 Dioramas-Military vehicles (all entries): "The Battle of Prokhorovka"


Dick Smith

Silver (2nd) - 130A Small Jet 1/48 (fighters, etc): 1/48 Israeli F-16I


 Mike Bilcik

Bronze (3rd) - 140 Medium jet (greater than 75' wingspan): 1/72 Avro Arrow


Dave the Weatherman

Bronze (3rd) and OOTB – 310 Submarines: 1/35 Bronco Midget Sub "Seehund"

Bronze (3rd) – 100A Large Scale Biplanes: 1/32 WNW Fokker D.VII (Alb)


Bill O.

Bronze (3rd) – 425 Competition, Closed Circuit : 67 Corvette Convertible

 David Diaz

Silver (2nd) - 260 Military Vehicles (conversions etc): 1/72 IDF Target Sherman

 "Red" Steve Barlow

Silver (2nd) and OOTB - 200A AFVs 1/48 scale: 1/48 Tamiya Jagdpanzer 38 (t) Hetzer

Set your sights on ModelZona 2014!!
Best of Luck in your future builds!

Note: This is the preliminary count in no particular order. Also, last year first place Gold medals were replaced with nice blue-hued clear engraved trophies that stated "First Place". I have retained the "Gold" and 1st Place award naming convention for easy recognition even though no actual "Gold" medal was awarded.

Also: This list was not placed in any special order of "preference"
other than ladies first (always) and me being last!

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