SDMB is proud to present

the 4th Annual Valdez Library Display for May 2014.

This display showcases models made by our members and displayed for the entire Memorial month of May in honor of all who served or currently serve our country, the United States of America. 

The Main Display Case of SDMB's display theme for 2014

"The Great War"


Our display theme this year was "The Great War" with a side theme of "D-Day 1944" a tribute to the 70th Anniversary of the Allied June 6, 1944 offensive that was launched to defeat Germany and the Axis powers. To help the many viewers of our display, we chose to visually define these themes by making signs that addressed the various theaters and operations in the Great War and at D-Day. Bill O'Malley was the man behind this display and coordinator of this yeas exhibit and signs were again graciously created by Dave the Weatherman, our club President and artist by trade! -Thanks Bill and Dave for your hard work!

Fokker D.VII Mania!
An incredible variety or armor, aircraft and a fantastic trench warfare display made this Great War exhibit particularly interesting!
A few of the SDMB Modelers who made it all happen!

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