2014 Sonoran "Dessert" Model Builders Christmas Party

(I bet most of you didn't read Dave's cake humor!) 
    Party Pictures!!       
Presents...with a catch!
A good time was had by all at our annual SDMB Christmas Party. This year all raffle prizes had a catch to them; the participant has to build the model and display it at the July 2015 meeting!  So pictures of the prizes and lucky recipients were a must (so we can hold you to your promise!!) So without further ado...the July 2015 meeting kits and their builders!!

There were 2 gifts that were not models so Kent has to weather his Scout Walker and add photo-etch and resin parts  and Dick has to play with his Tiger tank at the July meeting (with tank sounds-start practicing!)


What's this? Yes! More Party pictures!!
You can see a slideshow of all of the pictures by clicking here:  2014 SDMB Christmas Party
And what Christmas would not be complete without the "kiddies" on the floor anxiously building their models while "pigment powders, super glue de-bonder and sugar plums danced in their heads!"

Happy Holidays to one and all!

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