Sonoran Desert Model Builders

2019 Valdez Library display Model List for Display in the Memorial Month of May
Keep your webmaster up to date and send any changes/ additions to me (Subject email-LIBRARY) or update at the meeting - Thank you!     updated 2/8/19


List below is best viewed on PC or in landscape mode on your phone.
Name            Model          Scale         Theme/ Genre

Red Steve:          SAM missile               1/35                 
                           Roland C.II                1/32                 WW1
                           M4 Sherman tank      1/35                 WW2
                           Gundams                   1/144               Anime/ Space
                           Elefant tank              1/48                 WW2
                           H-21 Helicopter        1/72                 Vietnam
                           M60A1 tank               1/35                 Desert Storm
J.R. Gallego        MiG-21                       1/48                 Vietnam
                           MiG-17                       1/48                 Vietnam
Kent Weeks         K'Tinga Klingon          1/350               Star Trek/ Sci-fi
Topher                Stormtrooper            1/16                  WW1
                           Vampire                     1/16                 WW2
                           SEAL                          1/16                 Vietnam
                           German soldiers(3)   1/16                  WW2
Joe Godwin         IJN Kinugasa             1/700                WW2
                           FW-190                     1/25                  WW2
Andrew Radloff   Autoblinda Armor     1/35                   WW2
                           T-34                          1/35                  WW2
Derek Campbell  'Nam Grunt bust       150mm               Vietnam
                           UH-1 Huey                1/48                   Vietnam
Don I.                  FW-190                     1/32                  WW2
Vicki Kohout       M561 Gama Goat       1/35                  Vietnam
Simon Herbert    MiG-21 (vietnamese) 1/48                  Vietnam
Mike Bilcik          F-100D                      1/72                  Vietnam
                           EC-121                      1/72                  Vietnam
                           F-106B                      1/72             

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