ENDS September 30, 2014

Display finished models at October 2, 2014 meeting

Here's some ideas for ya! This build covers anything that is named after an animal, marked like an animal, or whose squadrons or emblems are animals (such as an F-4 of VF-114's "Aardvarks"). Also the animal may be mythical (Thunderbird, Dragon), Real (Hawk, Swordfish), or Sci-fi (Klingon Bird of Prey).


SDMB Member Builds!

RED STEVE--Cornelius!

DEREK--1/32 Hobby Boss P-61 Black
      ANNETTE--AMT    Colossal Mantis Diorama
ANNETTE--1/12 Monogram
SeaQuest DSV
Ensign Darwin

KENT--1/48 Tamiya
Tiger I
Initial Production (Africa Corps)

CLARA--1/35 Tristar
Fiesler Fi 156 a-0 / C-1
Storch (Stork)

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