Bimmer Bob's

"Hot Wheels" Build
Ends July 31, 2014

Racecars  -  Trucks  -  Motorcycles  -  Horse drawn Carriage  -  Civilian Vehicles
Police and Fire Vehicles  -  Construction Equipment  -  non-military vehicles 
Trains  -  Conestoga Wagons  -  Fishing Boats!
Bimmer Bob's "Hot Wheels" Build has commenced!!

In the great SDMB build tradition first set by Diva Shari's eggplane build (Bimmer's wife) and the subsequent Wingnut Wings build, SDMB decided to start another awesome build that will REALLY challenge all of our skills and cause our comfort zones to be breached--we are building C

(you know, shiny things!-well actually any civilian wheeled thing, I just hope we have shiny cars too!!)

So in the spirit of our fellow award winning car builder Bimmer Bob, we now have a green flag! ...this will be very interesting!

Build Details:

Build commences:  START YOUR ENGINES!!! Race is underway!! Ends March 2014

Entries: Any civilian vehicle, race car, motorcycle, truck, caterpillar tractors, Police and fire vehicles, horse drawn wagons and even civilian boats (since they have trailers to tow them to the lake!) Of course I expect someone twisting the boundaries a tad but no yellow flag will be issued! Build must start this day forward. In process builds okay if they are very early stages, hey, we're easy!
Prizes: None!- only the satisfaction that you stepped outside your comfort zone and built something with wheels (and maybe even shiny!)

Let's have some fun!


This contest is open to all SDMB and IPMS Ernest Love members!  Send your pictures to me, Red Steve (SDMB members) and to Ed in Prescott if with Ernest Love chapter.  The posting of builds will follow the Wingnut Wing build format-in progress pics are definitely welcome so please do send them!!!

Here we go builders!!

ENDS July 31, 2014
Display finished kits at August 7 Meeting

 Sonoran Desert Model Builders

Red Steve
          Honda F-1 RA 272
                by Tamiya

Bob Duke

        Miller High Life
           Penske PC-17  
         by Amt ERTL

Bill O.
             Resin kit 
   by Scale Motorsports

"It will be nice and shiny too!-Bill"

       the Weatherman 
FORD Pick-up 4x4

     Clara Triem 

Garrett 1919 Steam Traction Engine
by Bandai (vintage1980's)
(given to her by her husband when they first started dating years ago-This kit has traveled quite a bit!!  From Japan-Texas-Panama-Germany-Japan-U.S.! Wow! It will now FINALLY be built!)
Mike Scotto 
Emergency! SQUAD 51
Lil Red Truck
by AMT ERTL and
Squad 51 Resin Conversion kit by
Professional Detail Parts! NICE Hot Wheel, Mike!!

Bill May 
1908 Brush Runabout
by scratch
Historic U.S. car built on wooden chassis in real life! This will be most interesting
More info on Brush Motor Car Company:
click here


Dave Diaz 
'85 Corvette
by Monogram
Nice choice and kit!

'33 Willy's Gasser
"Ohio George"

 by Polar Lights
This looks fun!

IPMS Ernest A. Love Model Builders Entries


Ed Tharp 
1939 Mercedes Benz W 163
by c

Complete with clear display case!
1/48 scale

 Completed October 7, 2013! What a nice little Benz!

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