Hey this is a serious build!
No Yolking around!!!

Inspired by Diva Shari's award winning
"Sp-EGG Shuttle" and awesome spirit!

<<<< Look! there  is the medal to prove it!!!

Hurry! Ends August 2013!

"Well now, a little e
xplanation on our crazy build!"

Diva Shari started this whole thing a while back and ended up winning a big old award for her egg-cellent "Sp-Egg Shuttle" pictured above! Her first ever award! Our members (there are "dozens" of us) just wanted to show our support for our favorite "chick" by doing this build.  All models are built "out of the egg carton" (well, maybe not all...some of the roosters are scribing panels, adding rivets...ya know!)  Works are in progress, ever changing and always, but always, fun!  Also, there just ain't any rules here-we all are just kinda "winging it."  So anything goes. The key thing is to show Diva that her club is behind her awesome spirit 150% and this is one way we are doing it!! So sit back and check out our egg-xotic planes that we built with Diva Shari in mind! The cluck stops here folks and the fun begins.....

The Build is Underway!!

...Still More building!
All a bunch of good eggs!

Clara has gone all out with a personalized P-47 that sports a "Shari" dedication on it's shiny little side. Just another eggs-ample of Clara's talent and devotion to the Diva Shari Eggplane build!

Red Steve took an Eastern approach, Far Eastern that is, with his T-4 Blue Impulse aerobatic team jet from Japan! "The hardest part was painting the pilots control Yolk"

Dave also went East with his custom Riveted A6M2 Zero!  This little gem was a lot of fun and Dave even added cockpit detail-see it? Dave certainly has no egg on his face after this splendid build!

Theo is becoming one with his build. He took on the painstaking job of re-scribing his entire F4U Corsair! Egg-cellent, just Egg-cellent detail!
This is one to watch!

Chuck just felt like this Blue Angels F-18 was calling his name!  The cartoonish nature of this plane just cracked him up. Even though under sequestor and grounded for 2013 this Blue Angel is coming along nicely

Todd's USMC Harrier is a fitting tribute to the Corps and to the Diva Shari Eggplane Build! No need to walk on egg shells when discussing this eggplane as it's soon to be added payload of weapons will squash any "bad eggs" in the bunch. Semper Fi!

Howard's M"egg"-15 is an Egg-ceptional and Eggs-quisitely completed bird, so to speak. This pilot wouldn't shoot until he saw the "whites of their egg" and so it came to pass that he was hit by foes that weren't yolking around!


Bill's Humpty Dumpty needs no introduction. Perched atop a wall Bill has made sure that his egg won't fall and need to be put back together again. A truly unique eggs-ample of humor in our club!

Keep building those Eggplanes, Scorpions!

For you Diva!

And here are some random pictures of the eggplane builds in various states of the build process...(egg-cellent, more pics!)

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