SDMB Member Hobby Rooms 

Welcome! Shown below are a few of our members modeling rooms. Of course more than a few of our members could probably open up their own hobby shop- me included! We hope you enjoy our hobby room pictures and like looking through our models and our stash of kits!

Dongwook Lee's Diorama Den
"Where all the magic happens!"*

Lee has been using the same desk (shown below) since he was 12!
Over 20 years now!

(*Lee is very humble about his work so the webmaster, Red Steve, added this
fitting statement to capture the essence of his diorama den!)

The "Other Work Desk"
Once Lee has built his models and figures he uses the desk below to plan and
build his award-winning dioramas! Shown in planning stage is a WW2 Desert scene

And of course...Lee's Stash!


 Todd's Devildog Den ooh rah!

This is the cleanest that I have had it in a while. I picked up my desk from an auction and the display case is from Tucson hobbies. My hobby room doubles as a storage unit, plus I like having everything in one place so I can look through stuff when bored. Yes, I have a lot of kits, I'm saving them for retirement and I do plan on living to be 317 years old. Teufelshunde means Devildog in German by the way. I like to call it my Devildog Den.

  Aircraft Closet

 My display case

Todd certainly has the bug ! Check out his extensive Armor wall below. Great pictures Todd! I now know where to go for anything armor! 

By the way, when are you opening your hobby shop?

 Some art


 The desk


Bob "Any Scale" Dukes'
Magnificent Model Room

Look at all those award winners !


Bill O's Modeling Man Cave


Nestled in a secret location somewhere in Green Valley (or so it is rumored), Bill's "Sears themed" Craftsman Cave is well known for its subtle blend of metals and industrial hardwoods.  Says Bill "When people visit me they know they are in man country!" Darn tootin'! Just wipe your feet before you step on that shiny floor! Great space, Bill.  

Bill's genuine homemade cardboard spray booth includes a bathroom exhaust fan! Snazzy!


Clara's cozy cabinets room

Here are pictures of my hobbit hole where I do my model building.  It’s actually a workshop attached to our garage and it’s an outdoor space with no windows, but there are 2 skylights. I do have modest air conditioning in the summer and heat in the winter, so it’s fairly comfortable except when it’s really really hot.  -Clara

Thanks Clara! Nice to see a respirator hanging up ready for use! One thing we like to remind everyone about is the importance of personal safety equipment when doing their hobby. Great hobbit hole! Thanks for sharing.  


Dave the Weatherman's digs 

Located in a remote location in Tucson, Dave's sprawling facility has become a mainstay of local folklore. Dave's basic one room setup is an inspiration for all who visit due to its simplicity and ergonomic layout.  Dave downplays his weathering techniques saying "A monkey could weather with the proper training - and perhaps a few bananas for incentive!"

Webmaster:  This explains EVERYTHING! Now I understand how a hobby room should look in order to create masterpieces! 


Red Steve's History Cave

Here is my history cave where I build  all my models and also where I store them.  I call it my museum. I also do a lot of our website updating from here - sometimes I look at things in the room and think "Hey,  that would be cool on our interesting history page."  I would really like a spray booth, but that probably will stay on the wish list for awhile. Just added Pergo floors which makes dropped parts a breeze to find (and hear)!  Enjoy!

Part of my visible "too big to box" stash. The storage boxes have kits in them as well, and yes I inventory them all so I can find the kit that meets my interest of the moment! I don't duplicate kits much except KP kits of MiGs as they are so cheap and fun to build given the decal options.



Simon Herbert's Workshop "The Narrows"
conveniently located next to his home office!

My work area measures a rather small 4'-11" x 12'-9". Besides the narrow closet-style folding louvered door from my home office, it has a small openable window. I maximized the layout with a bench on three sides, which has no vertical support legs to get in my way. The bench top material is discarded office furniture tops, built over a 2 x 4 wood frame. The large spray booth is home-made using a squirrel-cage exhaust fan (to the outside). It incorporates switches for fan, lights, and the compressor and air tank, which lives below the booth. The hinged shelf below the window doubles as book shelf for reference material and instructions (right where you need them), and can be hinged level for extra storage if needed. Other shelving is all from various scrap-piles from other house renovation projects. Its definitely a "one man" space, but entirely satisfactory for me.



 Chuck "in the box" Wacker 

Chuck is currently organizing his room but Red Steve's intel sources sent these secret "before" photos. Remember you saw it first on the SDMB website!


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