Sonoran Desert Model Builders

Valdez Library Display List of Models


These are models that are in work or completed by SDMB members for our "Models from Movies, TV, and Books" exhibit that takes place the whole month of May 2015 at the downtown Tucson Valdez Library. 

This list will be constantly updated as time marches on.

Completed kits are highlighted in blue

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea --Annette: Nautilus(paper)

Ben Hur --Clara: Chariot with horses

Samurai! (book) --Clara: 1/48 Zero of Saburo Sakai

 Thirty Seconds over Tokyo --Mike Bilcik: 1/72 B-25

K19 the Widowmaker
--Red Steve: 1/350 K19 submarine

Planet of the Apes (classic) --Red Steve: Gorilla 1/9 scale

Tora, Tora, Tora --Derek Campbell: 1/350 Nagato; Red Steve: 1/48  Zero plus books and a hat;  Damon: Japanese midget submarine

Alien --Red Steve: 1/9 Alien kit

Battlestar Galactica (TV show both old and new) --Chuck: new Cylon ship;  Damon: Battlestar Galactica

Macross (Japanese anime TV/movie) --David Diaz: 1/48 YF-19 Spacecraft

BAT 21 --Damon: 1/48 O-1 Bird Dog aircraft

Waterloo --Derek Campbell: Napoleonic Figures

Hunt for Red October
--Red Steve: 1/700 Typhoon; Chuck: 1/700 Dallas sub

Crimson Tide --Chuck: Alabama and Akula subs

BAA BAA Black Sheep
--Mike Scotto: Corsair; Chuck: Zero

Bridges at Toko Ri --Dick: F9F aircraft

 Night over Water (book) --Simon: 2 Boeing 314 Clipper aircraft

Saving Private Ryan --Bill O: Kettengrad diorama

Lost in Space
--Bill May: Jupiter 2 spaceship

STAR TREK (multiple movies/TV) --Nick: 1/350 Enterprise; Kent: NX-01 Enterprise; Bruce: Romulan Warbird; Chuck: Klingon Bird of Prey; Damon: Enterprise C

SPACE 1999
-- Chuck: Eagle with landing pad

Mars Attacks --Bob Duke: Alien diorama

Back to the Future --David Diaz: DeLorean car

Star Wars --David Diaz: AT-AT

War of the Worlds --Chuck: Martian War Machine

Dr. Who --Annette: Tardis

Seaquest DSV --Annette: Ensign Darwin

Phantom of the Opera --Bob Duke: The Phantom

Iron Man --Todd: Iron Man

Final Countdown --Chuck: F-14 vs. Zero

Jurassic Park --Chuck: Stegosaurus

CARS (and Planes series) --Chuck and Nephew Ethan: Various cars and planes

Dune --Chuck: Sandworm

2001 A Space Odyssey --Chuck: Space Clipper

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea -- ??: Seaview

JAWS ( and Shark Week) --Chuck: Great White with Cage Diver

Castle in the Sky (anime)
--Clara: Pazu and the robot

Magnum P.I. --Mike Scotto: TC's Helicopter

M*A*S*H --Mike Scotto: Helicopter and tents etc.

Enemy at the Gates --Dongwook Lee: Vasily Zaitsev diorama

The Pacific --Dongwook Lee: Sundowners diorama

Combat --Dongwook Lee: AMBUSH! diorama

The Tuskeegee Airmen / Redtails --Many members: kits TBD

--Bill O: '58 Plymouth Belvedere

The Dark Knight Rises
--Bill O: Catwoman and Bat-Pod

Godzilla --Seiji Watanabe: Godzilla

Dracula --Seiji Watanabe: Dracula 

Frankenstein --Seiji Watanabe: Frankenstein

Lost in Space
--Seiji Watanabe: The Robot and Dr. Smith

Hunchback of Notre Dame
--Seiji Watanabe: The Bellringer Hunchback

Flying Tigers --Ed Tharp: P-40 Warhawk

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