SDMB Valdez Library display photos


The three showcases as you enter the library

The Spotter Plane Display


Behind the scenes of our library display 

Our display required an incredible amount of work. In addition to what is shown in these pictures, there was a flurry of emails, designing and material procurement from several members like Dave Brown, Simon, and our president, Chuck to name a few. SDMB members built all the models. Many models displayed have won awards in national and local contests and several were featured in magazines worldwide!

From designing lighting with a timer set to library hours, to engineering  backdrop curtain structures and signs that would be sturdy enough to withstand the forces of small faces and hands pushing on the showcases, this labor of love by the SDMB members took over 6 hours to set up. Great job Scorpions! The pictures that follow show the behind the scenes moments of our first ever library display that honors all that served our country in this Memorial Day month of May.

Welcome to Behind the scenes!

Clara and I (the camera guy) finally got the display doors off and started cleaning the glass

She is just too happy!

Meanwhile, the spotter plane room becomes a flurry of activity as Simon, Chuck, and Theo plan the details.

Theo seems to agree with Chuck's idea.

A few of the supplies, tools and models (stored safely in boxes)

More models and display doors off cases leaned gently on the marble

Clara still cleaning (Hey, I'd help more but someone has to take pictures!)

Michael sets about engineering the sign stands, a laborious effort that seemed to never end!


I think the bathroom is  over there, Jeff.

2.87 millimeter clearance...just right!

Signs start to come together thanks to Jeff's (in blue T shirt) careful supervision

Filling the cases under the artful eye of Clara, our display case coordinator.

Warning! Construction zone!

Adding signs to the displayed models

Our display wasn't even complete and we already generated interest in these two men. As the day went on more people commented favorably on our work

Curtain time! Simon finishes putting the lights and curtains up in the spotter plane display case. Great design Simon!

Thanks for visiting and we hope you enjoy our display at the Valdez library. The display will run the entire month of May 2011 in downtown Tucson, Arizona

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