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A few of the SDMB members at ModelZona 2010

   Clara "Small World" Triem

Scale: 1/72 aircraft and armor.  Recently smitten with 1/32 scale aircraft, particularly big biplanes. I also like 54mm (1/32) figures.

Eras: World War I in, both small and large scale.  I strive to replicate the look of fabric and wood used in a lot of early aircraft, and I find the variety of materials and camouflage colors used in WWI machines endlessly fascinating.  Recently I have dabbled in more modern (WWII) armor in small scale.

Special Interests:

Currently I am working on improving my skills with larger (1/32) aircraft models.  I want to depict wear and tear as evidenced on planes, which, in the First World War, had a service life measured in weeks, not months. To that end, I am studying and practicing various weathering techniques.  I like to display my finished models on scenic bases.  I’d like to try my hand at something “shiny”, like a classic car or motorbike, one of these days. Non-modeling interests include reading fiction and sometimes strumming a guitar or banjo (terribly out of practice, though!)


Some of my Models:

                    Bill O. 

 Scale: 1/35 WW2 trucks and wheeled vehicles; 1/24 and 1/25 sport and race cars.

Eras: Early WW2 Allied & German trucks, German WW2 war trains, Halftracks, Corvette GT race cars, 1960's race cars and sports cars.

Special Interests: I like complex models and often use add-on, photo-etched, and/or scratch built parts. Most of my projects are actual vehicles that I have photographed or gathered other research information to use as resources for building.

Some of my Models:

         Dongwook Lee

Scale: Mostly 1/35, however, I have a bunch of 1/72 'waiting' to be built (someday) 

Eras: WW2 dioramas or Vignettes (only! maybe Vietnam...)

Special Interests: Most of the time I make dioramas with German armor and figures. Probably Russian armor and figures are my next favorite.  I try to make dioramas most of the time because single armor with no base tends to break apart all the time.  I started modeling at 16 (a little late). Heavily into LEGO as well, especially Star Wars.  Want to start Aero or Ship someday.

 Some of my Models:

           Red Steve

Scale: Pretty much all of them it's the subject that matters most.  

Eras: WW1 to Modern, Sci-Fi, Gundam, Macross, Movie related

Special Interests: Collecting aviation artwork. Building Wingnut Wings, Gundam, Macross and movie related model kits. I also enjoy building 1/48 and 1/35 armor as well as primarily 1/48 aircraft. I dabble in submarines a little as well. I enjoy taking photographs of AMARC aircraft and museums- my pics are linked below and on the website. I find building a vintage or simple kit relaxing and have built many such kits including my recent fondness for Gundam which was influenced, no doubt, by my 2012 honeymoon in Japan with my wife Svetlana! I am the webmaster for our club.

Some of my Models:

   Bob "Any Scale" Duke

Scale: I generally don’t pay much attention to scales, I concentrate on the subject matter that interests me. The majority of my modeling falls in between 1/48 to 1/144. I am having “issues” with a 1/700 ship so it may be a while before I do that scale again.

Eras: Most of my work is post WWII, especially in aircraft. I do have some kits of early autos but have not found a reason yet to concentrate on these.

Special Interests: One of my major interests are Ocean Liners which are hard to find in good quality kits, I have plenty of Airfix Kits but again looking for quality. I like the 50’s to 70’s era in regards to military aircraft and airliners. I do dabble in just about everything though, space, sci-fi, autos. May seem weird but I have never built anything in the Armor genre or Figurines.

Some of my Models:

Chuck "in the box" Wacker

Scale: All 

Eras: Tanks, space

Special Interests: Keeping the club interest going! So far so good.

Anigrand model of Titan II missile now on custom aluminum stands I built and photographed on Titan II launch console simulator. Cool background. You now have 1 minute to reach minimum safe distance.

 Some of my Models:

          Dave the Weatherman

Scale: Primarily 1/35 armor/military, 1/32 aircraft, 1/72 ships/subs, 1/24 autos/construction vehicles, 1/20 sci-fi (Maschinen Krieger), and the occasional 1/16 figure. But I will build other scales if the subject interests me.

Eras: The 20th century is where most of my subjects hail from, although the sci-fi models are either from the distant future or the distant past depending on

one's take on time and space.                      Hasegawa 1/24 V/W "Pickup" Van
I have started the Revell 1/96 USS Constitution, however, and that would be early 19th century (but it'll be the late 21st century before I finish it!).

Special Interests: I like esoteric subjects-- vehicles or subjects that have a particularly unusual or use-specific shape. I prefer designs that are a little ungainly or have a 'period clunkiness' to them. For example, a Stuka over a Mustang, a VW Bug over a Ferrari, Maschinen Krieger over Star Wars, a Mig-19 over an F- 100, an ISU-122-S over a JagdPanther to name a few. Dioramas really appeal to me, also. My favorite aspect of model building is painting and weathering so subjects that are subject to more weathering effects are particularly engaging to me.

Some of my Models:

                       Simon Herbert

Scale: 1/72, 1/48, 1/35, 1/32 and occasionally 1/25.

Eras: Subjects modeled are aircraft (first love), military vehicles especially half-tracks, figures, and sometimes ships. Periods of modeling are predominantly WWII, and I am especially interested in the North African campaign, and the China-Burma-India theater (CBI). My projects often involve scratch-building and conversion.

Special Interests: In 2009, I was invited to write an article for Model Military International, and just completed a second article (see issue Numbers 43, & 53).

[Ed. note: In the Sept 2010 issue of  MMI (issue 53), Simon's '41 Woody was featured on the cover and he wrote an extensive article detailing the '41 Woody conversion for British use in WW2 as well as the history of the Woody in British use. Excellent articles! The model, along with the German captured version, received second place for automotive conversions at the 2010 IPMS Nationals] 

In addition to trying to complete (too many) partially built projects, I prefer to specialize in dioramas for ability to communicate a story. When I'm not modeling, which is most of the time, I am fixing up my fixer-upper (house), kayaking, scuba diving and bicycling.

Some of my Models:


Scale: 1/72-1/48 aircraft

Eras: 40s-50s-60s jets

Special Interests: British fighters and bombers

Some of my Models:



1/48 and 1/35 armor; 1/48 and 1/32 aircraft (1/72 when I feel brave); 1/1400-1/350 Sci-Fi.


Eras: Mostly WWII, but I will build WWI aircraft and Sci-Fi from the future.

Special Interests:

I build mostly out of the box kits. Occasionally I will add some photo-etch and even more rarely I will add resin aftermarket material. I enjoy visiting museums and especially any museum that contains any kind of WWII material. I also collect books on WWII, model building techniques and reference material (so, don’t plan on seeing my books for sale- ever). My goal in modeling life is to eventually have at least one example of every operational derivative of the Panzerkampfwagen VI (Tiger) tank that the Germans produced during WWII. Currently I have 7 models completed, 3 partially built and 2 more on the shelf. I must admit that a non-resin model of the Bergetiger is somewhat elusive… My non-modeling interests include reading, stamp collecting, cooking, grilling, baking and sports. 

Some of my Models:


Damon "The Herk Nut" Blair


Mostly 1/72 and 1/48 aircraft, from WW2 to present; 1/32 Vietnam and Modern era aircraft; the occasional 1/24 automobile...and then there's spacecraft in all different scales


Eras: Korean War up to and including Desert Storm aircraft, spacecraft that strike my fancy, and oddball model kits that I just can't pass up!

Special Interests:

ANYTHING C-130 "Hercules" related, especially variants (I spent 25 years working on the beasts); modern jets-particularly prototype versions and markings (the more color the better!); U.S. military aircraft in pre-overall grey paint schemes (solid grey is just so dull!)...although my primary interest is U.S. military aircraft, I do have eclectic tastes and wander into other areas from time to time. 

Some of my Models:


    Annette "Senior Gizmologist"

Scale: Anything from 1/5000 (Star Destroyer) to 5/1 (30.06 rifle cartridge), although related models (Mercury, Gemini, Apollo) should be in same scale. I'm building things in smaller scales when available due to lack of space!

Eras: 19th Century to 25th Century...

Special Interests: Anything out of the ordinary. Real space, Science fiction (preferably plausible), unusual aircraft (No ME-109s need apply, but Luft '46 welcome), scale rockets. Occasional dabbling in armor, cars, ships, subs. I like lighting things up, although that often turns into a Project with a capitol "P." (The soldering iron is often right next to the liquid cement!)

I'll build anything simple to complex if the subject matter piques my interest. I don't like building specifically for contests or events, or to deadlines. If I build something and it turns out well, I'll enter it in a contest. Otherwise, I'll still enjoy it.

My husband Tony also builds models, mostly airplanes and cars. He's currently building a 1/1 scale airplane in the back yard.

Some of my Models:

                  D. Pat Harrington

Scale: 1/48 primarily 

Eras: WW2 & Korean War Era aircraft

Special Interests: Allied and Axis / Single and Multi-Engine as primary area of (building) interest

(Webmasters note: Pat's "Contrary Mary" P-51 took SDMBs Model of the Year in 2015! Great job Pat!)

Some of my Models:

Mike S.

Scale: 1/72 and 1/48 aircraft; 1/35 military vehicles; 1/350 warships and 1/6 figures

Eras: WW2 and later; some real space and Sci-Fi

Special Interests: Military electronics warfare/ reconnaissance aircraft. Anything WW2 appeals to me but any subject in any scale if it meets the "cool factor"

Some of my Models: 

    Derek "D-Man" Campbell

Scale: 54mm & 75mm figures, 1/350 and 1/200 ships. Occasionally I like to build 1/48 or 1/32 aircraft but that is a rare occurrence

Eras: WW2 and ancient history folks have forgotten

Special Interests: I really like the Napoleonic and Ancient Imperial Roman eras. WW2 is the era of ships that I like to build. I do a lot of research before I start a project, so my library is very full of different books, (Close to 1000 and counting).
I try to make dioramas of most of my builds, because seeing the model "in action" is fun for me.

Some of my Stuff:

Doug "The Admiral" Smith


I mainly do ships. 1/350 scale is my favorite, but I have worked with 1/720 all the way up to 1/65. I prefer the larger scales for the detail.


Most of the ships I have done are WWII warships. I have done sailing ships back to the 1400’s and have done modern Naval Vessels (CVN-65). I find the WWII era warships interesting and the painting schemes of these ships is very interesting and challenging.

Special Interests: 

I started modeling more than 50 years ago. I just recently got back into the hobby after a 20 year absence. I went straight into large scale wooden plank on bulkhead sailing ships. I did a HMS Endeavor (Cook’s ship) and a 1700’s Spanish Ship of the Line ‘San Felipe’. I am now back to plastic. My 1/350 scale Trumpeter HMS Dreadnought kit was my first plastic kit since restarting the hobby and I recently completed a 1/350 scale Tamiya DKM Tirpitz kit.

(Doug’s Tirpitz won the 2016 SDMB Model of the Year!-Congratulations!)

Some of my Models:
Dave Diaz AKA "The Editor"


My favorite scale is 1/35th scale since Armor and military figures are my favorite subjects. I also enjoy 1/72nd aircraft and Armor, (Mostly Cold War & Modern) and 28 and 32mm figures. 


Most of my subjects are from recent history, but I usually let my miniature time machine take me wherever it wishes to. So my interests vary from ancient times to futuristic eras.

Special Interests: 

By far my favorite interest is Armor and Military models from WWII up to the present. These subjects unusually provide ample opportunities for weathering and my favorite part of the hobby is painting and weathering. I also enjoy Sci-fi and Fantasy (especially figures) as it offers me an outlet that has no boundaries and I can scratch build letting my ideas come to life. I also enjoy making scenery for dioramas and sculpting.

(Dave is also the Editor of our monthly Mold Lines Newsletter.  Great job Dave!! - webmaster)

Some of my Models:

Andrew Radloff


1/35 Armor and military vehicles. 1/48 and 1/72 aircraft.


Mostly World War II but I'll dabble in anything military WW1 to present. 

Special Interests: 

I've been a World War II nerd for over 20 years. I started with reading magazines in my early teens, to modeling vehicles and aircraft in college, to visiting battlefields all over Europe while I was stationed in Italy with the US Air Force. While in Italy I started collecting memorabilia from both world wars from all countries. My main interest lies in the German side because of their technological advances and tactics development. Not so much the ideology behind it. I also like to model things that have significance to my life like the DeHavilland Otter floatplane I built for my dad for Father's Day to represent his fly-in fishing trips to Canada. That and many aircraft I have worked with in my time in the US Air Force.

Editor note: Thank you for your service to our country Andrew! We appreciate and enjoy your club presence!

Some of my Models:

Bleriot Billy

Scale: Any

Eras: Early aviation prior to WW1

Special Interests: 1/8 scale automobiles


Todd P in AZ

Scale: 1/35, 1/48, 1/72 some 1/32

Eras: WW2 all, modern USMC and Army

Special Interests: USMC armor and aircraft also do race cars and motorcycles occasionally.


David the Youth

Scale: Any

Eras: Cars for now and maybe planes later.

Special Interests: Learning how to build kits. (Red Steve comment:) David really got the bug after his MZ wins! He is concentrating on next years show already. He already has a stash of kits (just like the rest of us-haha): a Russian tank, 1/48 F-5, a Nascar, and his M3 Lee.

(Note: David is SDMB's first card carrying youth member. Welcome David!)


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