SDMB Past Events

Sonoran Desert Model Builders participated in and hosted

several events in the past few years.

Click on the year linked below and relive SDMB's past events.

SDMB Past Events 2017

SDMB Past Events 2016

SDMB Past Events 2015

SDMB Past Events 2014

SDMB Past Events 2013

SDMB Group Builds
Sonoran Desert Model Builders started to do theme builds in 2013. Here are links to past theme builds we had fun building as a club. Enjoy!

Diva Shari's Eggplane Build


Sonoran Desert Model Builders participated in ModelZona sponsored by the Craig Hewitt chapter in Phoenix.  Here is a link to the list of awards our members received at the ModelZona show the last few years

ModelZona 2013 - 18 Awards

ModelZona 2012 - 21 Awards

ModelZona 2011 - 35 Awards

ModelZona 2010 - 38 Awards

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