Special Report from Red Steve (and wife, Svetlana!)

Museo Historico Naval Puerto Vallarta

While on our cruise vacation, Svetlana and I discovered this nice museum right on the waterfront of Puerto Vallarta. What was especially nice was the fact that it was air conditioned very well and had many small rooms with displays and models of the ships and aircraft of the Armada de Mexico. Upstairs had a cafeteria and other things which we did not go and see. The picture below was of the sidewalk just outside the museum. The museum was free and attended by two sailors, both Yeomen.

Two Armada de Mexico sailors greeted us at the open air entrance and provided an encyclopedia sized English translation book of everything in the museum! They were very nice and I gave them our website address to visit which I hope they understood as my Spanish was not so good! You can see the small rooms behind Svetlana that housed the various displays.

On to the displays! I took a few pictures of the models and some of the photographs hanging around the museum. I could fill up this page with all the various items but have chosen mainly items of interest and of course some of the many models and dioramas on display.  

Catching Smugglers (below)

 And here are a few more pictures from the museum.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures. (Check out that whale bone!)

Adios! from Puerto Vallarta!

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