January meeting Model Contest

This month we awarded medals for models finished in 2011.  There were 2 categories: Out of the Box and Anything Else. The winners were:

Out of the Box

GOLD: Derek with his fantastic IJN Heavy Cruiser Tone

SILVER: Diva Shari with her fun eggplane Space Shuttle

BRONZE: Bimmer Bob (what not a car!!??) with his tiny Hughes helicopter

Anything Else

GOLD: Clara with her beautiful Felixstowe biplane

SILVER: Dick with his immaculate F-16I

BRONZE: Dave the Weatherman with his Type VIIc U-boat

Dick/F-16I  Derek/Tone Clara/Felixstowe  Dave/U-boot  Diva/Shuttle  Bob/Hughes

Congratulations to all medalists!!


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