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The Idea Page has only one purpose: To Inspire!

This page will consist of visual presentations, and occasionally some tips.  There are many modelers that do extraordinary work not only within SDMB but in the worldwide community of modelers. I have contacted several modelers and been given their permission to post their models on our website. This will be an ever-evolving page and will not necessarily explain the process involved to create the models shown but rather present, through pictures, the end product achieved by some modelers. Occasionally a tip or two will be inserted when provided by the modeler. I hope The Idea Page will inspire and foster the creation of new modeling ideas not only for our own SDMB members, but for the modeling community as a whole.

Enjoy the Inspiration!

Due to higher resolution pictures on this page you may experience slow loading of images. Be patient, it is worth the wait!

Paul Dunham answered my request to post his well made and funny Superman diorama.

Here's Paul's rundown on his hobby interests: "I live in Portland Oregon and am a member of the IPMS club here (Oregon Historical Modeler's Society) .  I build mostly airplanes but sometimes find myself itching to do something a little weird or unusual.  I also dabble in woodcarving and sometimes will build my planes from solid wood like kids did before injection molding was thought of. There is a website and forum devoted to building solid wood models, I'm not very active there but here is the link in case you are interested:  "

Thanks, Paul, for the inspirational and beautiful wood models you handcraft! You are an artisan and I am sure your work will inspire us all to go the distance and have fun with building models both in plastic and wood!


                Here are some of Paul's incredible wood models that he has made

               And here is Paul's Tamiya Stegosaurus and another Superman shot!


From Tucson, Arizona comes James Roark's "Metal Monsters".  Recently "Jim" held an exhibit at the excellent Mini-Time Machine A Museum of Miniatures located in Tucson, Arizona. The wonderful exhibit featured 31 of Jim's automobile relics. Jim works in multi-media but most cars start as plastic model kits. Jim graciously gave permission to post his inspirational work on our website, Many thanks Jim! Jim's work can be viewed and purchased from his website:

Jim Roark excerpt from his exhibit brochure:

"This is my world! It is a world of miniature, un-restored Classic Cars and Trucks. I have loved Classic Cars since childhood. There is an indescribable thrill when you come across one of these "Metal Monsters," lost and forgotten, in a field, desert or an old barn!

They show years of faithful, loyal and devoted service that was once given to their owners. Now they sit abandoned and forgotten. Yet underneath the rust and rot there is still the beauty, character and elegance that once made them the Powerful, Romantic, Rulers of the Road!"


From Tulle, France is Jean-Michel Christian's "Elephant Graveyard".  Jean-Michel is the President of IPMS France two years running and has graciously sent more pictures and gave permission to post on our website. Merci Beaucoup, Jean-Michel!


Jean-Michel emails:

"It's a strange feeling to see this model exposed so far from its birth place, it is a great pleasure for me, thanks Steve

I live in a small town called TULLE, roughly in the middle of France half way between Clermont Ferrand and Bordeaux, Google may be a help.

Some things about me. I was born in 1944 in Le Havre harbour, not very far from the Normandy landing beaches, the house of my parents was destroyed by allied bombing and as a 6 month old baby I was rescued with my mother by German soldiers; Then in the sixties as a teenager I spent most of my spare time on the harbour docks waiting for military navies ships, so I had the luck to see the Nautilus, the first US nuclear sub after its famous north pole cruise, then I enlisted the army, spent five years in Foreign Legion where I was Swiss born named Christian EICHMANN and I ended as a Major of the Mobile Guards after operational duties in Chad, Djibouti, Lebanon and some other such pleasant countries on the mining:/demining job."

"I'll include SDMB in our links. If your fellows modelers have some question about French A.F it will be a great pleasure to give a hand, we have  some "specialist " in armor and one of our club members of our federation IPMS France is only figure dedicated."

[Any questions on the above subjects can be directed to Red Steve for relaying to Mr. Christian]


SDMB member "Dave the Weatherman" shows his magical weathering talents that he has honed here in Tucson, Arizona. This time his project is a magnificent 1/72 Alanger Type XXIII U-boat (or more correctly... U-Boot!).

Dave emails:

"I'm sure the color of the sub isn't 100% accurate (the experten will be aghast) but I like it and think it looks pretty cool!

I tried the hairspray technique for the lighter, blue-grey chips, and all the "rust" colored chips were added by hand with a tiny paintbrush. The streaking rust is raw sienna oil paint applied and streaked with mineral spirit.

I have a headache from all the fumes..."

Dave also gives us a look into his modeling history...

"I've been building models for as long as I can remember and the process, when I was younger, was totally engaging to me, mesmerizing even. I disappeared into 1/35th scale for hours at a time. Today, building models is still engaging as well as extremely meditative. I still get lost in whatever scale I'm working in.


My educational background is in Fine Art and after achieving a BFA in painting from Arizona State University in 1986, I earned an MFA from the University of Arizona in 1992 majoring in Studio Art (drawing and painting). I've worked in the Art field for over 30 years.


With my models, I strive to emulate the entropic characteristics that are inherent on all things as they move through time and space. In other words, I like to make my models dirty, dented and disheveled. My goal is to portray a narrative with the model, to give it a history, so that a person seeing it can imagine, by examining the wear and tear depicted on the model, the simulated "life" that the miniature has experienced. I am not only, by building a model, representing an object in smaller scale, I am also representing time itself."



Martin Pohl from Munich, Germany sends us his latest creation of a 1/72 Matchbox He-115 in rescue mode of downed airmen. LUKAS Crystal Gel was used to create the stunning water effect in this fantastic diorama. Thanks Martin!

Martin emails:

My name is Martin Pohl, I live in Munich, Bavaria, Germany, I'm born in
1962 - a real nice year, as I remember ;). 

I'm a member of IPMS Germany and Modellbaustammtisch Munchner Runde.

Well the best way to describe me is a sentence of a song of Aerosmith "Life is a journey
not a destination".

Thanks Steve for this request, I appreciate it. Cheers- Martin

Martin also has a blog so please visit for more inspiration!  >>  Martin's Bench Corner


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