SDMB is proud to present

the 2nd Annual Valdez Library Display for May 2012.

This display showcases models made by our members and displayed for the entire Memorial month of May in honor of all who served or currently serve our country, the United States of America. 

Click here for a special "Behind the Scenes" picture album!

The Main Display Case of Dioramas and Vignettes


Our display theme this year was "Dioramas and Vignettes". To help the many viewers of our display, we chose to visually define a diorama and vignette. We also provided a visual entitled "Models that Tell a Story" that illuminates the process a modeler goes through when creating their art. Signs were graciously created by Dave the Weatherman-our very own artist! -Thanks Dave!

The Main EntranceDisplay Cases of SDMB Models 

The Display Cases in the Library's Children's Section  

Some of our modelers who made the display happen 

(L to R) Lee, Dave, Chuck, Clara, and Simon

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