SDMB is proud to present

the 3rd Annual Valdez Library FREE Make -N-Take model

build held on May 11, 2013.

The Make N Take was a great event with over 40 children and 1 adult showing up for the event! Several SDMB members attended to help everyone build their choice of  snap together kit! Several were repeat builders from the event last year. We had a great time so on to the pictures...Here are the kits for this years build:

And here are the builders!!
SDMB member Derek (below) gave some important pointers resulting in a working propeller on this young builders P-51 aircraft
 (the only one that actually spun!!)

The floor of the library (and I mean literally the floor!!) was alive with building as you can clearly see!!!

SDMB members Bill O. (wearing blue shirt and black shorts below) and Kent (wearing camo shirt) survey the scene while Derek (sitting with blue cap) helps a young modeler with his P-51
You will see them all in many pictures as they bounces around helping the kids.

Thank you all for attending this year! See you in 2014! 

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